DEN Networks Q3 FY 21 PAT at Rs 599 million

DEN Networks Q3 FY 21 PAT at Rs 599 million

Cable television provider DEN Networks earlier this month announced the consolidated financial results for the quarter ending December 31, 2020. The company’s net profit zoomed to Rs 599.38 million, up from Rs 367.71 million in the trailing quarter.

DEN Network’s revenue stood at Rs 3,994.36 crores, up from Rs 3,788.13 crores in the trailing quarter. The expenses stood at Rs 3,413.24 crores, up from Rs 3,380.01 crores in the trailing quarter. The profit before tax stood at Rs 574.76 cores, up from Rs 367.71 crores in the preceeding quarter.

The cable distribution network accounted for Rs 3,228.86 million revenue whereas the results stood at Rs 26.26 million. The broadband business accounted for a loss of Rs 17.59 million with segmented revenue at Rs 192.98 million.

DEN Networks has assets of around Rs 10,733.63 million in the cable distribution network whereas the liability stands at Rs 7,201.84 million.

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